Quick Wins with Network Flow Analysis

While this article focuses on the use of Team Cymru’s Pure Signal™ platform — the Augury™ solution — readers will gain some great guidance on how to use flows in their analysis in general. The Augury dataset comprises network flows records that are downloadable as CSV. Compared to the direct utility of some other Augury... Continue Reading →

Network Perimeters in the Age of Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, leaving many of us to question whether we will ever see “normal” again. One concept, we’ve all become familiar with recently is “Social Distancing”. The CDC [1] describes this as “physical distancing”, meaning to keep space between yourself and other people outside of your home. For me, this... Continue Reading →

Dissecting DDoS Attacks

Introduction Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are designed to prevent or degrade online services. This blog post will explain, in extremely basic terms, a specific type of attack called a Reflection/Amplification DDoS Attack. This post is not intended to serve as a comprehensive technical guide, but merely a relatively non-technical overview for the novice.... Continue Reading →

Do you fly anon?

Author: Steve Santorelli Like many InfoSec professionals, I see the inside of a lot of airplanes. (However, I was not on that ship last month.) I recently flew back from our company HQ in Orlando to my home in California: Now, to set the scene, I’m on auto-pilot (no pun intended) as I travel. I... Continue Reading →

No, I was not on this ship last week

Authors: Steve Santorelli, Director of Outreach and Chris Wheatley, Regional Sales Manager Last week the 666 foot long Silja Serenade sailed from Helsinki in Finland to Stockholm in Sweden. Then it turned back, lurched around a little, and 200 InfoSec folks disembarked -- cold, slightly frayed around the edges, infinitely more connected... and in need... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2020, network defenders!

With the arrival of the new year comes the inevitable surfeit of predictions for 2020. As noted in many journals and articles, we humans are notoriously poor at making accurate predictions. The nature of complex systems coupled with our tendency to break problems into component parts makes it all but inevitable that most of our... Continue Reading →

Coping with Scanners

It can be argued that there is no unwanted traffic on the Internet; even scans and DDoS are wanted, usually outbound, by the miscreants running them.  However there is a lot of Internet traffic we good folks don't want, either because it consumes our links, or it shows up in query results and clouds our... Continue Reading →

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